Heaven on Earth Embodiment

A season of playful, sensual & mystical adventure in your own skin.

As poet Mary Oliver says …

“You do not have to be good.

You do not have to walk on your knees 

for a hundred miles through the desert repenting.

You only have to let the soft animal of your body

love what it loves.” 

This Summer from Monday May 30th to September 5th

I’m gathering a group of tender souls to release the subtle and not so subtle ways we punish and divorce ourselves from the instinctual and sacred nature of our physical body. And begin to …

  • Return to our Senses
  • Recalibrate our nervous system for more pleasure
  • Discover Wonder as an Emotional Intelligence
  • Enter the stream of love with our Inner Child
  • Explore Prosperity as a Virtue & our Birthright
  • Reclaim our Wild (Wo)man
  • Reconnect with the Wisdom of our Body
  • Co-create with Life in new Magical Ways
  • Embody more of our Radiant Presence & Holy Light

We have been overly domesticated. Trained to be good. And to move through life in productive and useful ways. We have forgotten the joy of wandering, spiraling and dancing through our day.

We have become so caught up in getting it right and making it happen that we have limited our capacity to respond, explore and create. 

We are here to be sovereign creators of our lives. 

It is our spiritual birthright to flourish and prosper in ALL ways.

And Life is always right here ready to support us. 

But it all begins with our own embodiment. We cannot access the fullness of our birthright without coming home to our embodied selves.


Our Heaven on Earth adventure includes: 

~2 Live Sacred Embodiment Ceremonies

~6 Live Group Somatic Practice Sessions 

~ Weekly teachings, invitations and prompts to deepen your embodiment delivered to your inbox.

~1 Sacred Pause to integrate

~Access to our Virtual Community

You may feel inclined to join us to be Good

To do something to promote your health and your well being. Or deepen your spiritual growth and awakening. Or to magnetize more prosperity and abundance. 

And while all that will occur if you choose to show up. 

Ultimately, I hope you choose to join us to let go of the shoulds - the need to be good, to get it right, or to earn your right to thrive. 

Join us to lighten up. To deepen your trust in yourself. Join us to remember how to experience the sheer joy and pleasure of living in a sensual body on this beautiful planet.

Join us to claim your birthright - your Heaven on Earth embodiment.

Investment: $444 in full or payment or 3 payments of $155

Yes, Sign Me Up for $444

My walk with Heaven on Earth Embodiment

I’m Joan, a Divine Feminine Mystic, Visionary Leadership and Embodied Ascension Mentor.

To be honest with you, my early life was a far cry from heaven on earth embodiment. I mean FAR CRY. It was decades before I could consciously embrace coming into my body at all. 

Like many of us with trauma from this or other lives I worked hard to avoid being present in my body and on the Earth.  

I dissociated and used alcohol, drugs, food and men to numb out. I neglected my body with not enough food, rest, space and punished my body by pushing myself and overdoing it.


At 23 I began a new, sober way of life. A life devoted to my recovery, self discovery and spiritual awakening. 

But still for years I avoided inhabiting my body. It held so much pain, shame and vulnerability. And I still carried so much self judgment and loathing. 

Over time as I healed and opened spiritually, I began to dip myself down into the lower chakras of my body for brief visits.

Once sober, I was most comfortable in the world of spirit and my upper chakras. But the spiritual bypass can only last so long. And my soul was not going to let me hang out there.

Too much goodness, beauty and pleasure to miss out on.  

So I found compassionate mentors and trauma healing modalities to reconcile with being here on the planet in this female body. 

I began the deep healing and repatterning to fully get comfortable in my own skin. First I discovered, I could feel safe in my body. And then I could feel peace, ease and comfort in my own skin. And finally pleasure and deep joy in my body. 

I learned I could take it as slow as I needed to stay present and connected to myself. Slow enough to be kind and loving to myself.

Meeting and partnering with my body in this new way showed me my body was actually a portal into dimensions of divine knowing and the storehouse of my deepest Truth. 

Opening to this embodied wisdom has revealed the divine feminine mysteries for partnering with Life and birthing Heaven on Earth realities. 

They are too good not to share. 

In addition to my lived experience I have been informed by somatic healing and movement practices gathered in studying Polyvagal theory, Core Energetics, Yoga, Zapchen, Continuum and The Sophia Code®.

And I have been initiated into Heaven on Earth embodiment through communion with the raw and wild beauty of Mother Earth. Aside from my body - Sophia Gaia - our beautiful Mother Earth has been my greatest teacher. 

I would love to share the gifts of Her wisdom and your own Heaven on Earth embodiment with you.

*If you’re not familiar with my work. I have spent the last 30 years guiding others back to their true Source of their well being, leadership and creative power as a therapist, spiritual teacher, mentor, circle and workshop leader. 


All ceremonies and sessions are held virtually via Zoom and are recorded. You will receive permanent access to the video replays. You may choose to take this journey as a self study or access our virtual community through our live sessions and WhatsApp group chat.

Important Dates:

Opening ceremony 11:00 am Monday May 30th (Memorial Day)

Closing ceremony 7:00 pm Monday September 5th (Labor Day)

45 minute Practice Sessions: Thursdays at Noon EST/9:00 am PST 

On June 9 & 23; July 21; August 4 & 18 and September 1.

Investment: $444 in full or payment or 3 payments of $155