Sovereign, Wise and Wealthy

Sovereign, Wise and Wealthy Virtual Event 

The Soul(Full) Sister’s Guide to Empowerment and Success 

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You’re a wise woman others look to for guidance but you still yearn to fully live what your heart and soul tell you is possible for you. 

Perhaps it’s sharing your sacred work in the world more fully, creating more prosperity, living and working in a more joyful and sustainable way, or having relationships where you are supported in your truth and fullness.  

In my work with women I’ve noticed there are 2 powerful resources we either overlook or underuse in our efforts to succeed in our lives, work and relationships.  

Join me for this free, virtual event to learn:

  • The 2 biggest untapped Sources of our empowerment and success as women.
  • Two practices to reconnect to these vital Resources we all have access to.
  • How you can consistently access these key Resources in your daily life.

Joni Advent Maher, MSW is a Mystic, Spiritual Midwife and Transformational Guide with over 25 years experience guiding women back to the Source of their wisdom, power and success. The founder of Revolutionary Heart, she supports soulful women ready to embody their Sovereignty and stand in their value in all ways. 

Joni is an Intuitive, Transformational Guide who has spent the last two plus decades supporting others in healing and transforming their heart, soul, shadow, Spirit, mind and body as an accomplished psychotherapist, spiritual teacher; circle, group and workshop leader.  

She is the creator and host of the popular podcast, Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow.